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We are an Adaptive organization

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Selecting, in a timely manner, both the best appropriate technology and the right suppliers, have proven to be crucial in keeping IT-infrastructures operational, reliable and cost effective.

The main focus of Diamond Concepts is to provide professional organizations with support in the use of leading-edge business processes and technologies. The use of such technologies is essential in designing, implementing and maintaining a state-of-the-art information infrastructure.

We are an Adaptive organization!

Diamond Concepts is an organization consisting of a team of highly qualified and experienced management and IT Consultants. Our unique skills emulate from our deep knowledge of traditional and modern IT infrastructures. This knowledge enables us to advise and, with costs effectiveness, implement new IT-concepts.

Our management and our IT professionals have at their fingertips our special proprietary processes and tools to implement a seamless switchover to a new or an alternative application process and to a new or alternative technology.

On this website we have tried to highlight the solutions and programs which are available to keep our clients' Information Technology and Infrastructure current and, consequently, to keep each client competitive within his/her field.

Thanks for visiting our website. Please feel free to browse through our pages and send us your comments.

The Diamond Concept Management team!

Industry Expertise


Financial Industry

Succes in this industry has to a large extend, become dependent on a reliable and qualified IT infrastructure.


Telecom Industry

This industry is the best example of the integration of computer technology (CT) in their product and services offerings.



CORE Suite Banking

Availability of new technology requires often a complete new re-thinking of entire suites of applications to make maximum use of it...


ICT Applications

ICT Applications are being hailed as the next push to help regain the pace of our economies. This is true in particular for applications using modern mobile...


EBS Applications

Management services offered by actual ERP systems are impressive, the range of software functionalities are great, license costs can be negotiated...


Leasing Operations

Leasing companies needs to keep detailed control of its administrative records to keep the confidence of its investors and customers...


eMINT Program

At present we are in the midst of major changes in storing and transfering values. Out-dated business processes and applications in combination...


Manage Document

n today's world information privacy and information protection is of high priority. With the exponential growt of the digitally stored document...

Application Development

Business Process Analysis

As part of IT Modernization activities a proper Business Process design is crucial for the future success of a modified or new Business- and Information Technology infra-structure... Read more

IT Infra-structure Design

Having the proper tools to update / maintain software is known to be a critical aspect for Software Design and Maintenance. When applications are being created these tools... Read more

Program Management

Program / Project management is for each IT-Infra-structure the key for a successfull implementation. This management function requires a special combination of knowledge and... Read more

Data Centric Applications

It is commonly known that critical enterprise applications are DataCentric by nature. Modernization of these applications should start with a plan to migrate from the existing Data Structures... Read more

Design Extraction

The first step in any IT modernization process is to understand the actual present user requirements. The user requirements are documented in a set of business processes, which are... Read more

It Modernization


Business Process Analysis

It's a daunting task for any organization to change it's IT infrastructure. Keeping the existing structure in place to ensure users will be able to access crucial informatiom...


Database Migration

Many new database methods and tools has recently become available. Before an alternative database can be used, an indepth analysis needs to be performed about the potential use and...

It Services


Oracle EBS Certification

After selecting and implementing the Oracle EBS software, organizations spend often years to learn and use the features the software. Frequently software enhancements need to be designed...


Technology Services

With the ever increasing choice of software hardware platforms, to make the right choice for application foundations is crutical. This choice manifest itself in the ease of maintaning applications...