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We are an Adaptive organization


Software Applications are the key in effective use of Information Technologies.

Over time applications have moved from rigid hardware and software environments to today's flexible alternatives.

Application Developments on new chip technologies in combination with new software tools has made this possible.

Applications are now spreading amongst multiple Technology Platforms, including Cloud servers and Mobile devices.

As a classical application Software Development- and Implementation Organization, we are offering Applications on current and Legacy platforms.

In addition we have embraced Application developments using the latest Methods, Tools and the expanded range of platfoms.

For Applications in the Financial Industry we have available a proven unique Core Banking Systems in use since 2006. Our eMINT program complement this with unique transaction mechanism on the current smart phones platforms. For further detail visit the website eMINT.

Core Banking System

CORE Suite Banking

CORE Suite

Availability of new technology requires often a complete new re-thinking of entire suites of applications to make maximum use of it.

We have performed this with our CORE Suite Applications for the Financial Industry.

Product Highlights

  • High Volume Transaction processessing using the Straight Through Processing concepts
  • 24 x 7 Operations without any interruptions
  • Can be configured to work with existing or new Customer Relationship Management / ERP software
  • Real Application Cluster implementation, thereby allowing the use of multiple servers accross private networks
  • Multiple Operating system implementation (Unix, Windows, zOS)
  • Maximum use of Relation Database features for Data Protection and authorized reporting
  • Highly secured information thru the use of a functional security framework
  • Easy interfacing with 3rd party service providers. (e.g.Swift)
  • Support Fixed lines and Mobile networks

Proven implementation!

ICT Applications

ICT Applications are being hailed as the next push to help regain the pace of our economies. This is true in particular for applications using modern mobile- and fibreoptics- networks. As powerfull applications for a diverse set of mobile platforms emerge, the effect will only be felt over a longer period of time. Selecting the right software tools and platforms is crucial to be successfull.

As a company which has been building IT infra-structures over a long period of time, we care about both the context /content and the way applications are build to guarantee success for the long term.

This has been the case for building traditional applications, but will be even more so the case for applications using mobile devices since the impact will be much higher.

As of today many organizations are seeking the answers to what device and infra-structure platforms will be available today and 10 years from now. This to ensure that no time and costs will be wasted for the next "killer" application.

Are the costs factors a hindrange for the acceptance of the device and/or application?

Many of these and other factors can only be addressed with the proper knowledge and experience in this field.

Oracle EBS Applications

Using an ERP Systems or not....

Many organizations have to ask themselves this question.

Management services offered by actual ERP systems are impressive, the range of software functionalities are great, license costs can be negotiated, high quality software is required because of new external dimentions, internal IT staff is scarce and costly, time to deliver new services is long. This list is incomplete but very long for all factors are to be considered when evaluation is done before deciding on an upgrade or a major additional software investments.

So in many situations not only the IT staff but company managment is making an intuitive decision for the use of ERP driven software modules, or in house developments.

Our consultant have seen both sides of the coin and came to the conclusion that one have to remain open to both approaches in the final decision for new software investments.

A primary issue however remains for these organizations; will the new IT infra-structure offer the organization the flexibility to withstand / support the business for the next 3 years.

If not... a re-think of IT-choises are required and appropriate measures needs to take place.

Old systems do need from time to time to be renovated or...... thrown away. Because of complexity and uncertainty, people are affraid of such radical decisions but old IT-architectures can often not be maintained without major negative consequences for the business.

With our expert team we can help you to make the right decisions for your future. Our services do offer the complete spectrum from one set of integrated technology platforms. In that context we consider the service factor over the application life-cycle a far more important factor than the license cost of software.

Contact us for more details on the right approach for your organization.

Leasing Operations

Leasing companies needs to keep detailed control of its administrative records to keep the confidence of its investors and customers.

The complexity of this can only efficiently be done using well thought out and implemented computer applications.

Keeping track of contractual commitments and being able to alter long term legal - financial aspects requires special software in accordance with industry based standards.

Modernization of IT-Infra-structures to allow the use of up-to-date standard software packages can make such operations more flexible and cost effective.

We can offer such solutions on the base of the Oracle eBusiness Suite (ERP) which include the standards used in to-days CRM packages.

Contact us for a comprehensive presentation on the contens of this solution.


At present we are in the midst of major changes in storing and transfering values.

Out-dated business processes and applications in combination with un-trusted usage of telecom networks makes renewal a very complex task.

Security issues are needed to be adressed and resolved as a first priority in moving forwards.

Over the past years, many new attempts have been made by many existing- and new- orgazations/ventures, to offer solutions for a wide range of organizations onto many technology platforms vailable today.

Our new eMINT program will be a fresh start considering all these factors in offering sound and reliable solutions in this dynamic environment.

Document Menagement

Document management in the cloud?

In today's world information privacy and information protection is of high priority.

With the exponential growth of the digitally stored document, a well thought out structured and implemented Document Management systems is key to provides the highest level of security for all organizations. This includes both legacy system information and current information.

Bridging storage facilities on permise or off primise has become a major factor in keeping control of where personal and company owned documents are stored.

Availability of the many cloud options available has made this application even more important than ever.

These type of applications contains the keys to highly sensitive information.