Diamond Concepts

We are an Adaptive organization

Industry Expertise

Industry knowledge is a key factor in an organization's ability to evaluate the appropriate IT-infrastructure, the selection of the most effective software Products- and Services for a successfull implementation.

It improves the Programme / Project management staff 's communication with the end-user organization therefore improving the overall quality of the IT-Infrastructure.

We are proud to have access to high level industry experts, which enables us to make available appropriate knowledge for specific industries.

Complementary technology expertise, also available, futher narrows the bridge for Cross-functional applications. Our specialized products / methods for the transition of existing company procedures and data has been developed to aid in delivering satisfactory solutions.

In particular large organizations can benefit from this knowledge and shorten the implementation time in modernizing their IT Architecture.

Financial Industry

Succes in this industry has to a large extend, become dependent on a reliable and qualified IT infrastructure.

The large quantity of transactions financial institutions (stock-exchanges, banks insurance companies) have to process on a daily basis, made these organizations very demanding IT users.

Considering the financial impact of any change in their processes, with sub-sequent application changes, made these organizations requiring a high level of quality for both Products and Services.

We have recognized these factors in our service level agreements and are very carefull in reviewing each project on the specific requirements for this industry.

With our expert teams we have been involved in succesfull delivery of systems for:

  1. Retail / Commercial banking
  2. Private Banking
  3. Financial Leasing
  4. Insurance Business (Accident & Life)

Using professional tools & methods DC delivered through our expert teams core systems, enabling large volumes of transactions in a controlled environment. Futher details are available upon request.

Telecom Industry

This industry is the best example of the integration of computer technology (CT) in their product and services offerings.

With the adaptation of CT the industry was able to offer competitive pricing for their products, while at the same time extending their services with new innovative products.

The scope of Mobile Networks is nearly surpassing the previous telecom capabilities and service levels, created in a short period of time.

New internet based products, based on Voice Over Internet Protocols (VOIP), are surfacing the market and will dictate another technology revolution in this industry.

With all these changes the computing capacity / volume of transaction within this industry has sky-rocketed.

Large data-centric applications are being used to support the many new products / services.

We have been able to capture this trend in an early stage, and started to actively support this industry in the various stages of development.

Developing / Supporting Operational systems, Billing applications,
Assets applications have been on the forefront of our services.